Giving Back

LimnoTech has traditionally encouraged staff to actively champion causes and organize charitable activities. Staff are also actively involved in giving back to the profession through participation in numerous professional organizations and conferences. This page will periodically highlight one of the many charities to which LimnoTech employees contribute time, money and effort.

LimnoTech staff choose a different charity each month to support, but we also assist a few organizations throughout every year. Two of the organizations that we have supported for some time now are Meals on Wheels and the Packard Health clinic.

The Meals On Wheels Association of America is the oldest and largest national organization composed of and representing local, community-based Nutrition Programs for older adults or individuals with disabilities who are homebound or who cannot prepare meals for themselves. The group of volunteers supporting this cause numbers between 800,000 and 1.7 million individuals, the largest volunteer group in the nation. LimnoTech has been supporting this program for over 15 years, with a number of staff members delivering meals to people in need weekly.

Packard Health serves the medical needs of Washtenaw County residents without the means to seek adequate health care. Packard Health offers a broad range of fully integrated services, from chronic disease care and coordination to nutrition education/support and mental health care. LimnoTech helps support this worthy cause through individual money-raising events, and by staff making a small donation every time they have a cup of coffee or tea.