Use of Nearshore Monitoring Buoys in the Great Lakes

LimnoTech hosted a Webinar on January 27, 2012, to present information about what it takes to design, build, deploy, maintain, and manage state-of-the-art monitoring buoys that are currently deployed around the Great Lakes. The webinar highlighted efforts of several public and private organizations that have worked over the last several years to increase access to real-time environmental monitoring data within the Great Lakes. The event was directed at individuals, organizations, companies, local governments, and really anyone interested in this technology. Speakers included representatives from by S2 Yachts, the University of Michigan, Michigan Tech Research Institute, LimnoTech, and the Great Lakes Observing System. More than 250 people viewed the webinar.

The following are links to the webinar broadcast and documents from the presentation:

Cathy Whiting, LimnoTech     Presentation    Video
Don Wire, S2Yachts    Presentation    Video
Guy Meadows, Univ. of Michigan OEL    Presentation    Video
Bob Shuchman, Michigan Tech Research Institute    Presentation    Video
Ed Verhamme, LimnoTech    Presentation    Video
Sara Maples, Great Lakes Observing System    Presentation    Video
Greg Peterson, LimnoTech    Presentation    Video
Questions & Answers    Presentation    Video

For more information about nearshore monitoring buoys and the webinar, please E-mail Ed Verhamme at everhamme@limno.com

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