From day one, LimnoTech has been known as a pioneer in developing and applying new technologies to address our clients’ water resource challenges. But what people do not always consider is that these innovations are the products of exceptional people. It is the talent, character, and commitment of our people and our culture that have made LimnoTech the successful company that it is today.

LimnoTech’s Weekly Friday Morning Meeting

Quality & Innovation

We attract smart and talented people because we offer them the opportunity to work on challenging, high-profile projects with other great people. Our collegial atmosphere and our ability to let quality and innovation drive our projects is the key to our success. We avoid a “top-down” management hierarchy. This approach helps us retain motivated, top performers and makes LimnoTech a highly desirable place to work. Our yearly turnover rate for staff is less than 2%, a small fraction of the average for firms in our field. Many of our staff have worked their entire careers at LimnoTech, and more than half have ten or more years of experience with us.


Our company culture focuses on giving our people opportunities to improve themselves through training, conferences, workshops, and seminars, and we encourage publication and presentation at high-profile national and international conference venues. We have also phased out traditional forms of performance evaluation for more personal career planning. We give every staff member the opportunity to take part in evaluations, and encourage proactive self-management so individuals can explore and create work opportunities that further their careers.


We long ago realized that staff who enjoy their work and their coworkers invariably perform better and stay longer. The long-term relationships we build with one another have led to valuable friendships and seeing one another as extended family. We help build and foster these relationships through weekly company meetings and social activities. Every Friday morning, we have a company-wide meeting, run by staff members, where we talk about what is going on in every aspect of our firm. The weekly meeting keeps everyone engaged and provides an opportunity for individuals to share their talent and knowledge with the company. Fun is an important part of life at LimnoTech. We have company picnics, seasonal parties, ice cream socials, friendly competitions (most creative pumpkin carving, best Halloween costume, ugliest Christmas sweater, etc.), tailgate luncheons, sports teams, and informal get-togethers (happy hour, fishing, lunches out, etc.).


Our staff’s daily work lives are also enhanced by an activity that we call “Giving Back.” We have a long tradition of involvement in charitable activities. Our employees have contributed thousands of hours of service and dollars to provide family health care to those in need, help animal shelters, deliver motor meals, support our troops, promote medical research and prevention, and much more. These activities have allowed us to give back to our communities as well as strengthen our relationships with one another.

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