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LimnoTech wrestles with some of the most challenging of environmental problems. For many of them, solutions that are effective and affordable do not yet exist. Because of this, we often join or lead multi-institution research teams from academia, federal labs, and industry to help push the limits of our knowledge about how natural systems function, and how impaired systems can be restored or managed more sustainably. The results have included new mathematical models to guide resource management decisions, scientific and engineering discoveries published in peer-reviewed journal articles, and presentations of research results to mayors, CEOs, members of Congress, and heads of agencies who can rapidly bring new knowledge into the advancement of their missions. We have developed new ways to integrate and interact with data and model results through web portals, animations, story maps, and scenario simulations. We apply forensic laboratory, field, and geostatistical methods to separate the signal from the noise, whether the problem is toxicological, hydrological, or geochemical. Working with a large and diverse client base across the nation motivates us to remain focused on the dual goals of sound science and management utility.

LimnoTech’s principal investigators have made significant contributions to the body of scientific knowledge and literature. Our scientists and engineers actively participate in research conferences and expert panels, publishing widely-cited papers and delivering presentations at national and international professional meetings. We also help train the next generation of scientists and engineers through adjunct teaching, guest lectures, advising of graduate students, mentoring of interns—and even hiring some of the best and brightest.

Contact Wendy Larson, Greg Peterson, or John Bratton to find out how we can help.

LimnoTech Provides

  • A history of success in research proposal development

  • Access to a network of agency, industry, & non-profit partners

  • Data management, modeling, visualization, & web portal services

  • Resources for on-the-water research (boats, buoys, equipment)

  • Strong credentials in societally-relevant research

  • Training opportunities for students & technical staff


  • "I have worked with LimnoTech on a number of projects and have found their technical quality to be among the highest of anyone I have ever worked with."

    Civil, Structural, and Engineering Professor at a State University


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