Collection System Modeling

Throughout our history, LimnoTech has been at the forefront of modeling and evaluating sanitary, stormwater, and combined sewer infrastructure. With over 40 years of experience and a world-class staff, we have the breadth of expertise to provide our clients with solutions to address their infrastructure needs and challenges.

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LimnoTech delivers technically sound, ground-truthed, and cost-effective services related to municipal sewer infrastructure. We provide our clients with the information and tools to support decisions on system capacity, flooding issues, Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) development, alternative and cost evaluations, remedial designs, and green infrastructure build-out. This expertise includes the development and application of models for analyzing the hydraulics and hydrology of collection systems, surge and transient modeling of large interceptors and tunnels, computational fluid dynamics, and correlating the effects of watershed-based approaches and green infrastructure on urban systems.

Our experience gained through successfully completing hundreds of hydrologic and hydraulic analyses allows us to tackle a diverse range of problems from the ordinary to the unique. Our in-depth familiarity with collection system models, and their underlying assumptions and process representation, ensures they will be neither too complex nor too simple, and never extend beyond what the underlying data and science can support. We know how to select the right modeling tools for new projects, and we have the capability to use previously developed models for ongoing projects. We are experts in both proprietary and open-source models, and we create custom tools when a project requires it. Most importantly, our world-class staff possesses an unwavering commitment to accuracy and quality.

LimnoTech’s collection systems modeling makes it possible for our clients to make critical and informed decisions for managing and designing their infrastructure. As renowned industry leaders with over 40 years of experience, we provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs, enabling them to make informed, realistic, reliable and cost-effective decisions.

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  • Collection Systems Modeling & Design

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

  • Decision Support Tool Development (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Green Infrastructure Analysis

  • Monitoring & Flow Metering Analysis & Reporting

  • Surge & Transient Modeling of Large Diameter Sewers


  • "The City of Superior has worked with LimnoTech for several years.  The most recent collaborations have focused on Post Construction Combined Sewer Overflow monitoring, compliance with changing phosphorus limits, permitting of improvements to auxiliary treatment and CSO facilities, and green stormwater infrastructure.  LimnoTech staff are extremely knowledgeable and effective coordinating with regulatory agencies such as DNR and EPA.  We look forward to working with LimnoTech on upcoming projects and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other communities."

    Division Director at a Public Works Department


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