Water Resources Modeling

As water problems become increasingly complex and challenging, models and information management tools have become a vital part of how we manage critical water resources. LimnoTech has a world-class reputation as innovators in all aspects of water resources modeling. Our work makes it possible for our clients to understand their water systems, explore management options, and make informed decisions with confidence.

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LimnoTech provides scientifically sound, objective, and cost-effective services related to water resources modeling. Our clients need access to information and tools based on sound science to support decisions about water use, land development/management, regulatory compliance, ecosystem restoration, and related issues. Not only do water resource problems need to be solved, but they need to be solved in a sustainable manner.

Water resource models serve as an integral component of many of our service areas and associated services we provide. LimnoTech’s water resources modeling expertise includes the development and application of models for hydraulics and hydrology, watershed loads, and sediment and water quality. We have worked with virtually all of the widely used hydraulic, watershed, water quality, and sediment transport models. We have developed customized models and Decision Support Tools (DSTs) that integrate technology, research, and other information such as economics, policy, and societal behaviors, to characterize water resource conditions and help our clients develop sensible, effective, affordable, consensus-based solutions.

LimnoTech staff possess specialized expertise and an unwavering commitment to accuracy and quality. Our approach is to assess the proper level of model complexity required for any given problem and then synthesize data, research findings, and our in-depth understanding of environmental processes into integrated conceptual and quantitative models. The models then allow us to forecast and test controls and management scenarios to find the best solutions unique to each particular system. Finally, we can develop various visualization formats (e.g., standard maps, Story Maps, movies, etc.) and create custom DSTs to facilitate access, comprehension, and communication of supporting data and model results to empower our clients to make informed, realistic, reliable and cost-effective decisions.

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  • Advanced Eutrophication Modeling

  • Decision Support Tool Development                               (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Groundwater Modeling

  • Hydraulic & Hydrodynamic Modeling

  • Public Education Outreach Materials

  • Sediment Quality Modeling

  • Stakeholder Meeting Support

  • Watershed Modeling

  • Water Quality Modeling


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  • “I have been especially impressed with the modeling expertise at LimnoTech, not only in conceptualization, but also in building creative user interfaces and ways to display data and convey results… The modeling group is really top-notch, and it is a pleasure to work with the people there.”

    Joe Atkinson State University of New York, Buffalo


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