Coastal Buoy Monitoring

Our lakes, rivers, and coastal environments are complex, dynamic environments that support a wide variety of uses and diverse ecosystems. For users and caretakers of these resources, good data matters. Increasingly, the monitoring and management of these resources require the use of environmental monitoring tools that can sense water quality, detect changing or dangerous conditions, and support the observation and protection of aquatic ecology. LimnoTech helps public and private organizations procure, deploy, web-enable and maintain environmental data buoys and monitoring systems, providing real-time, publicly available water and weather data that benefit environmental scientists and managers, search and rescue personnel, and recreational users.

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Since 2011, LimnoTech has worked closely with Great Lakes-based suppliers, academics, and local universities to develop an environmental sensing buoy platform built for the Great Lakes coastal environment. This includes close relationships with marine technology providers such as SeaView Systems in Dexter, Michigan and Fondriest Environmental in Fairborn, Ohio. Since installing the first buoy for a nuclear power plant on Lake Michigan, we have continued to refine the buoy configurations, and we are now working collaboratively with several organizations, including the NOAA Coastal Storms Program, the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, State Sea Grant programs, Great Lakes cities, and the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS). Our buoy platforms are deployed across the Great Lakes, and are being used to support various real-time, web-based data and Decisions Support Systems (DSSs).

Data from the buoys shared publicly via the web, serving as a real-time tool for Great Lakes water resource managers, drinking water treatment operators, water supply operators, the Coast Guard, local law enforcement, and boaters, swimmers and fishermen in the Lakes. Recently, buoy-based monitoring has played an important role in characterizing and monitoring harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Lake Erie.

LimnoTech has been a leader in environmental science, engineering, and monitoring for over four decades. We have expert staff who have a reputation for relentless creativity and innovation. We can develop monitoring solutions that are custom, flexible, cutting-edge, and efficient to ensure our clients’ data and information access needs are met and exceeded.

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  • Buoy Deployment, Mooring & Maintenance

  • Buoy Testing & Advanced Sensor Integration

  • Data Enterprise Systems Development

  • Data Products Design & Web Services

  • Monitoring Buoy Design, Customization & Fabrication

  • Real-Time Telemetry/Data Management & Communication Systems Integration


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  • LimnoTech has helped public and private entities procure, deploy, and maintain environmental data buoys at eight, nearshore locations across the Great Lakes. The buoys provide environmental scientists, drinking water operators, boaters, weather forecasters, search and rescue crews, and many others with publicly available, real-time lake and weather conditions via the web.


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