Groundwater Supply & Remediation

Groundwater is one of our most valuable natural resources, and also one of the most threatened, with increasing signs of groundwater contamination and aquifer depletion around the United States and the world. For decades, LimnoTech has provided services in groundwater monitoring and remediation, assisting both users and caretakers of groundwater resources to help them make better management decisions, minimize risk, and protect this critical resource.

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Water is a single resource with complex interactions between watershed, surface waters, and groundwater. At LimnoTech, we help our clients with permitting requirements and disputes; groundwater resource supply, allocation and management; remedial investigations, human health risk assessments, and litigation.

LimnoTech’s expertise in groundwater hydrogeology is extensive. We have a world-class staff of experienced and dedicated scientists and engineers who can address the complex, and often misunderstood, issues of groundwater quantity, quality and dynamics, and associated groundwater-surface water interactions. Our staff is also nationally recognized for their work in surface water modeling and water resource sustainability at the watershed scale, which is often a critical complement to our work in groundwater.

We provide an extensive range of services to our clients including, geologic and hydrogeologic characterizations, along with the interpretation and modeling of complex glacial and bedrock systems; field investigations; aquifer pumping tests; groundwater monitoring programs; wellhead protection programs; source water identification, assessment, and planning; aquifer classifications; drinking water regulatory support; contaminant source identification; groundwater/surface water interactions (GSI) assessments; fate and transport modeling; time-of-travel assessments; and watershed management. Our overarching goal is to provide our clients with the best information possible to help them make sound decisions and find solutions to their groundwater resource issues.

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  • Alternate Water Supply Identification & Evaluation

  • Aquifer Pumping Tests

  • Contaminant Source Identification, Tracking & Remediation

  • Drinking Water Regulatory Support

  • Fate & Transport Modeling

  • Field Investigations

  • Geologic/Hydrogeologic Characterization, Interpretation & Modeling of Complex Glacial/Bedrock Aquifer Systems

  • Groundwater Monitoring Program Development

  • Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions (GSI) Assessments

  • Litigation Support

  • PFAS Investigation, Data Interpretation, Fate & Transport Assessment, Remediation Assessment

  • Source Water Identification, Assessment & Planning

  • Water Sustainability Planning & Resource Allocation

  • Watershed Management

  • Wellhead Protection Programs


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