Non-Governmental Organizations

We value our long-term working relationships with highly-regarded research institutions and leading environmental nonprofits who are in the forefront of water resource sustainability. LimnoTech routinely collaborates with NGOs, providing technical and strategic support to address the full range of challenging freshwater issues across the United States and globally. In our work on corporate water stewardship, LimnoTech is viewed as a trusted partner who understands the diversity of perspectives and important considerations that come into play when partnerships are formed to address shared water-related issues.

Contact Wendy Larson, Dave Dilks, or Laura Weintraub to find out how we can help.

LimnoTech Provides

  • A network of contacts in our field, including thought leaders in water science and policy

  • An understanding of the perspectives and priorities of leading NGOs

  • Expert communications with key stakeholders

  • Innovative tools and other approaches to support tracking metrics and science-based decisions

  • Knowledge of the range of interventions being implemented by NGOs to improve water resources


  • "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

    Henry Ford


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