Ecosystem Modeling & Management

Ecosystem problems are often fraught with high levels of scientific, regulatory and legal complexity. LimnoTech has a long history and renowned expertise in developing and applying integrated ecosystem models to identify realistic, reliable and cost-effective solutions to complex ecosystem problems.

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State, regional and federal government organizations, trustees for natural resources, industries, companies and nonprofit organizations are often challenged by complex issues surrounding living resources and their habitats. Human activities can impose multiple, simultaneous stresses on ecosystems that are physical (changes in flows or water levels), chemical (inputs of nutrients or toxics), and/or biological (invasive species) in nature. LimnoTech has extensive experience in conceptualizing, developing and applying ecosystem models to help our clients create and implement workable strategies to address ecosystem problems, often while balancing regulatory requirements, budgetary constraints, and other limiting factors.

LimnoTech has coupled science and engineering technology to develop a systematic approach for better defining ecosystem problems and selecting solutions. Our approach is to assess the proper level of model complexity required to address any given problem and then synthesize data, research findings, and our in-depth understanding of ecosystem processes into integrated conceptual and quantitative models. The models then allow us to forecast and test controls and management scenarios to find the best solutions unique to each particular system. We can also develop custom Decision Support Tools (DSTs) to facilitate access and comprehension of supporting data and model results to empower our clients to make informed, realistic, reliable and cost-effective decisions.

Our modeling experience is recognized nationwide as being scientifically robust and reflective of available data. The proper integration of data and research, model development, and model application require specialized expertise that LimnoTech staff possess. We are able to make corrections to model code if an error is found in the off-the-shelf versions, and we can also customize or refine model code to address specific project needs.

We place the highest priority on scientific understanding, decision and management support, and effective communication to derive solutions that can garner the support of stakeholders, funding sources, and, if necessary, withstand the challenge of litigation.

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  • Advanced Eutrophication Modeling (nutrients, algae, & dissolved oxygen)

  • Decision Support Tool Development (desktop, mobile, tablet, web)

  • Fish Habitat & Population Dynamics Modeling

  • Lower Food Web Modeling (bacteria, algae, zooplankton, mussels, crustaceans, insects, etc.)

  • Upper Food Web Modeling (fish, birds, mammals)

  • Wetland Bird & Mammal Habitat Modeling

  • Wetland Vegetation Modeling


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  • "As always, your staff displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and professionalism in completing the Potomac phosphorus modeling work. In addition, this work provided cutting edge scientific results that will advance the state of knowledge for the entire Chesapeake Bay Program community."

    Steve Bieber Water Resources Technical Manager, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments


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