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Environmental disputes are often highly complex and challenging, with mixtures of pollutants and contaminants, complicated site histories, and contention about the responsibility for sources, releases and cleanup. LimnoTech brings a strong set of world-class experts, forensic tools and innovative approaches that can help clarify responsibility, assist with negotiations and support litigation.

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LimnoTech has a long and successful history of providing quality litigation support and delivering expert testimony, with recognized national expertise and decades of experience in the most complex legal actions in state and federal courts. Our objective is to provide our clients with a solid technical foundation to settle claims and minimize costly litigation, and when litigation is unavoidable, to reach a fair and equitable outcome. We work with law firms and legal counsel to identify strategies and critical issues, build technically sound and well-supported cases, provide testimony on existing research and studies, and critique opposing expert testimony.

Our experts are backed by exceptional and highly skilled technical staff and if needed, we can also draw upon a network of nationally recognized experts in academia at prominent universities. Our litigation teams follow state-of-the-art scientific standards. We produce work with the highest level of accuracy and reliability to develop and form a sound technical basis that can withstand an extreme degree of scrutiny. Some of our experience related to environmental disputes includes effluent permit limit development; environmental impact assessment; evaluation of pollutant and contaminant source, transport & fate (in soil, groundwater, surface water, air); forensic evaluation of contaminants; hazardous waste site remediation; natural resource damages; public health risk assessment; Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs); and water quality standards.

For our contaminated site work, LimnoTech has successfully employed a wide range of exploratory and forensic tools at contaminated sediment and soil sites affected by different contaminant classes such as PCBs, dioxins and furans, metals, emerging contaminants as well as a combination of these contaminants. We use advanced statistical and analytical methods to identify and quantify both known and unknown contaminant sources, distinguish from background sources, assess contributions to risk and remedy costs, and account for processes that may have changed contaminants with time, due to physical, chemical, or biological processes. LimnoTech also has a strong set of resources to support forensic investigations, including advanced chemical fate models, libraries of known contaminant profiles, and knowledge of past and present industrial processes leading to environmental contamination.

We understand the most complex scientific, technical and regulatory issues within the framework of the legal process. We are well versed in working on teams and interfacing with other expert witnesses, if needed. We also recognize the importance of clear, concise, and easy to understand communication, and we have the capability to prepare and use digital presentations, data visualizations, and understandable exhibits to support negotiations and testimony.

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  • Advanced Modeling of Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics, Sediment & Contaminant Transport

  • Chemical Fingerprinting & Statistical Unmixing

  • Chemical Trend Analysis & Forecasting

  • Ecotoxicology & Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Expert Testimony

  • Full Field Investigation Capabilities

  • Geostatistical Analysis & Data Interpolation

  • Litigation Support

  • PFAS Investigation, Data Interpretation, Fate & Transport Assessment, Source Evaluation

  • Strategy Development

  • Trial Preparation, Exhibits & Support


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  • "As an environmental lawyer, there are many occasions where I need scientific and technical assistance that is of the very highest quality for my clients. LimnoTech has provided me that kind of exceptional assistance in water modeling, water permitting, and storm water matters, and in defending Clean Water Act penalty actions . . . anywhere in the country."

    Larry Silver Langsam Stevens & Silver LLP, Philadelphia
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