Federal/State/Regional Agencies

LimnoTech has supported federal, state, and regional organizations since the company was formed. The responsibilities of these organizations to respond to a diverse group of stakeholders presents them with unique challenges. LimnoTech provides assistance in helping them further the goals and requirements of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and other environmental statutes. We combine the best, unbiased science with a knowledge of the goals of environmental policies, the requirements of the regulations, and a long history of working with both the regulators and the regulated community.

Contact Scott Bell, Greg Peterson, or John Bratton to find out how we can help.

LimnoTech Provides

  • A network of national contacts in our field, including relationships with research and educational organizations

  • Ability to communicate complex technical & scientific information to decision-makers, regulatory agencies, & stakeholders

  • Ground-breaking tools in science & technology

  • Innovative policy approaches

  • Small Business Enterprise status within Federal guidelines for contracts requiring it, with the capabilities of much larger firms



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