Climate Change Resiliency & Adaptation

Many of our clients are directly experiencing the effects of climate change. Cities are seeing increased flooding as a result of higher intensity storms or sea level rise, utilities are managing environmental resources that are more volatile, and the agricultural industry is adapting to more dramatic cycles of drought and flood. Solutions to these problems require holistic, strategic thinking and a solid basis for decision-making. LimnoTech’s four decades of experience in environmental and water resource management makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate the challenges of climate change with confidence.

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Resilience to climate change requires that we not only manage water use within the current bounds of the water cycle, but that we also prepare for unexpected changes and challenges in the future. To do this, LimnoTech provides targeted, objective, and scientifically sound water resource services related to climate change resiliency and adaptation. We have a network of experts and a wide range of tools that we utilize to help support decisions about land use planning, financial risk, regulatory compliance, water sustainability, and related issues.

Our work in the field of climate science has a broad range of applications. We develop and apply predictive models to simulate the environmental effects of climate change. We quantify financial risk exposure due to changing water resource availability. We help power utilities understand the complexities of the water/energy nexus. We help cities plan and design green infrastructure to create sustainable communities. We also help corporations and agri-businesses understand water use in their operations and supply chain to reduce risk and mitigate impacts.

At LimnoTech, we address climate change adaptation and resiliency holistically, integrating research, data, models, and decision support tools. We have experts who support climate research by developing and deploying coastal monitoring systems, and who can help our clients access data and information that are based on the latest scientific research. Our customized models and tools integrate the latest climate science to support the development of sensible, effective, affordable, consensus-based solutions.

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  • Coastal Planning & Protection

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  • Urban Resiliency Planning & Flood Management

  • Water Scarcity Evaluations & Planning


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  • "We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one."

    Jacques Yves Cousteau


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