Municipalities & Utilities

Municipalities and public utilities must cost-effectively serve their communities’ wastewater needs, while minimizing their impact on watersheds, waterways, and ecosystems. These organizations negotiate permits, invest in water pollution control technologies, comment on proposed regulations, involve stakeholders in decision-making, and take a leadership role in sustainability, environmental problem-solving, and planning the future of their communities. They need to have ready access to environmental consultants who have a national reputation in understanding these issues and can also develop scientifically sound solutions that are mission-oriented, cost-effective, and beneficial to the environment.

LimnoTech is a national leader in informing rational policy and technical approaches based on the latest science and technology, working with regulators, and creating models that accurately capture the complex technical factors affecting our water resources.

Contact Hans Holmberg, Carrie Turner, or Dan Herrema to find out how we can help.

LimnoTech Provides

  • Access to vital contacts & information throughout the nation

  • Ability to address new issues without precedent as well as standard situations

  • Expert communications with constituents & stakeholders

  • Expert understanding of regulations

  • Skillful negotiations with regulators


  • "LimnoTech continues to be one of the best performing consultants for the District. We appreciate your high level of performance and your firm's commitment to client service and quality deliverables."

    Director of Storm Water Management at a Wastewater and Storm Water Utility


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