Hans Holmberg, PEVice President/Regional Manager

Hans Holmberg is a Vice President and Senior Water Resources Engineer at LimnoTech. He leads water resource projects addressing a wide array of issues, including watershed assessments and management; water quality in lakes, rivers, and estuaries; urban wet weather planning; and regulatory compliance. Hans has served a broad range of client groups, including municipal, mining, chemical, food & beverage, pulp and paper, petroleum, energy, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors; attorneys; state and federal agencies; and nonprofit organizations. Clients turn to Hans for help in navigating their most complex technical and regulatory challenges. His approach to client service, technical expertise, and regulatory understanding give our clients what they need to make real progress in the most cost-effective way possible. Give Hans a call to discuss your needs and how LimnoTech can help you with your water resource challenges. Hans manages LimnoTech’s Central Regional Office in Oakdale, Minnesota.

Tel: 651-330-6038

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