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LimnoTech is providing ongoing strategic and technical corporate water stewardship support to MillerCoors. We are assisting in the development and implementation of the company’s 2020 water “restore” goals. We are also supporting MillerCoors sustainable sourcing program by conducting a water risk assessment for key barley growing regions and evaluating water savings from irrigation improvements in the barley supply chain.

The Challenge

High quality water is critical to every step in MillerCoors value chain. After conducting risk assessments for brewery watersheds, MillerCoors focused on water conservation efforts and also looked for opportunities to engage in water stewardship activities in brewery watersheds. The water strategy includes a 2020 goal to restore a volume of water equal to the company’s product volume produced in water-stressed watersheds. After establishing the restore goal, MillerCoors needed defensible, science-based methodologies for quantifying water benefits and measuring progress towards the goal. The company also needed to understand current and future water-related risks across all barley growing regions.

To meet these needs, LimnoTech identified calculation methods for each restoration activity type, and implemented scientifically-defensible methodologies to quantify, track and document restore benefits. We also conducted a water risk assessment to determine the greatest water-related risks in the barley supply chain to help inform future investments to reduce those risks.

The Outcome

LimnoTech’s support has helped MillerCoors make progress toward the 2020 water restore goal by calculating and tracking the water quantity benefits of all restoration activities. The results of the barley water risk assessment are being used to focus initiatives that help barley farmers achieve more efficient water use where locally relevant.


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