Anouk Savineau, PESenior Project Engineer

Anouk Savineau, PE, is a senior project engineer with over 15 years of experience working with federal, municipal, private, and military clients. She provides technical and programmatic support on a variety of topics including TMDL implementation; characterization and modeling of surface water, stormwater, and sewer collection systems; protection, management, and modeling of watersheds; analysis and modeling of green infrastructure and low-impact development; and fate and transport of toxic pollutants at contaminated sediment sites. Anouk is well-versed in a variety of hydrologic and hydraulic software applications, and is also a proficient user of GIS for performing spatial analysis. She is regularly involved in meetings and discussions with clients as well as with stakeholders to provide technical expertise and input. Anouk hails from Belgium and speaks French, Dutch and English. She works at LimnoTech’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Washington, DC.

Tel: 202-833-9140

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