Peter Klaver, PESenior Project Engineer

Peter Klaver, PE, is a senior project engineer at LimnoTech’s Ann Arbor office, with many years of experience in pollution control issues. He is well-versed in the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment systems. His experience in the NPDES permitting process includes the application of a variety of regulator-approved models for waste load allocations and other impacts, the preparation of permit applications, and an extensive background in the negotiation of permit limits. His river and stream modeling experience includes one-, two- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic models as well as water quality, sediment transport and particle tracking. Peter’s involvement in wet weather issues includes program development support to regulators in CSOs, SSOs, and blending. Peter works at LimnoTech’s Corporate Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tel: 734-332-1200

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