Brad Udvardy, PESenior Environmental Engineer

Brad Udvardy, PE, is a Senior Environmental Engineer with LimnoTech. Brad is an experienced user of DHI’s MIKE URBAN package of hydrologic and hydraulic models, including its Real-Time Control module for modeling dynamic controls. He has experience with the Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) and has been involved with several SWMM-based modeling efforts. His participation in various aspects of modeling efforts consists of rainfall analysis, model calibration and validation, flooding studies, green infrastructure modeling, peak flow analysis, and capacity assurance studies. Brad supported the integration of modeling efforts with GIS technology.

Brad also recently directed an InfoWorks ICM model development and calibration effort. He managed several green infrastructure assessment projects that evaluated rehabilitation efficacy, design and implementation of practice-level monitoring, and model development and calibration. In addition, Brad has helped to design and implement several stream assessment programs and developed training materials and staff evaluation metrics.

Brad works at LimnoTech’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Washington, DC.

Tel: 202-833-9140

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