Paul TomasulaEnvironmental Engineer

Paul Tomasula joined LimnoTech in June 2016 as an Environmental Engineer with expertise in environmental modeling, data management, and software development. He applies his data management and application development skills to create customized solutions that tailor to our client and project needs. He has developed numerous solutions with a range of data management solutions including QuickBase, MS Access, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL as well as many programming languages including Visual Basic, JavaScript, C#, SQL, and Python. Paul also supports our projects as an environmental modeler developing, calibrating, and applying models including SWMM, ICM InfoWorks, EFDC, HSPF/HSP2, and CORMIX for a range of project applications spanning collection system modeling, quantification of water quality and quantity benefits for BMPs, and conducting mixing zones studies. Paul works at LimnoTech’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Washington, DC.

Tel: 202-833-9140

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