Over 25 years ago, as a brand-new graduate and job candidate, I had a chance to sit down with Paul Freedman, LimnoTech’s co-founder. Paul shared what the company meant to him: an opportunity to do cool, innovative work, a place to collaborate with great people, and a way to do the important work of saving and protecting the water environment. It was an exciting conversation. These were brand-new ideas when Paul founded the company, and today they’re more meaningful than ever.

I signed up and joined an amazing group of people working on water issues that have only become more challenging and critical over time. The conditions that drove water resource problems at LimnoTech’s founding have broadened and intensified as our world has become warmer, more populated, and more developed. Water is often the most direct way we feel the pressures of a changing environment – too little, too much, or water that is too impaired to support communities and the critical ecologies we depend on. Protecting our water environment has never been more important.

Thankfully, our founding vision of working with great people is at the forefront and more present than ever. LimnoTech has grown, and we’ve added new team members and expanded our capabilities. We’ve developed new tools and pushed the science in ways that enable us to do innovative work in a complex, evolving world. Water issues are challenging, multifaceted problems, but science and technology have advanced in ways we could not have imagined even a decade ago. And we have all come to understand the value of water as a shared resource that requires care and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

We are proud to work in a field that has risen to the challenges. We are also grateful for our longstanding relationships with clients and partners who share our vision for building thriving ecosystems and better places to live.

These are exceptional times, and there’s important work to do. I couldn’t be more excited to work on the difficult tasks ahead with my dedicated colleagues of 10, 20, and even 30 years and with the next generation of brilliant and creative scientists, engineers, planners, and designers at LimnoTech.

Tim Dekker, LimnoTech CEO

Tim can be contacted regarding corporate strategic partnering opportunities.

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