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June 15, 2018

Next week, from June 18-22, researchers from around the world will gather in Scarborough, Ontario, for the 61st Annual International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) Conference on Great Lakes Research. The theme of the conference is Great Science for Tomorrow’s Solutions. LimnoTech is a conference sponsor, and will be well represented at the conference, with many of us chairing and presenting throughout the week. A list of LimnoTech session and workshop chairs and presenters is provided below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Workshop: Using GLOS for your Data Sharing Plan, Room HW214, 1:40–3:40 PM
Tad Slawecki and Kathy Koch, Co-Chairs

Session: Unrefined Hydrocarbon Transport in the Great Lakes Basin, Room AA112
Jennifer Daley, Co-Author and John Bratton, Co-Author/Presenter. “Assessment of Impacts of Unrefined Liquid Hydrocarbons on Aquatic Ecosystems of the Great Lakes.” 5:00 PM

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Session: Innovative Monitoring across the Great Lakes, Room HW215, 8:40– 11:40 AM and 1:40 to 5:20 PM
Ed Verhamme, Co-Chair

Session: Innovative Monitoring Across the Great Lakes, Room HW215
Ed Verhamme, Co-Author/Presenter and John Bratton, Co-Author. “Development of a Lake-Wide Operational Observing System: Lake Erie Case Study.” 9:40 AM

Session: Great Lakes Harmful Algal Bloom Research from Watershed Influence to Ecosystem Effects, Room AA112
John Bratton, Co-Chair

Derek Schlea, Co-Author and John Bratton, Co-Author/Presenter. “Assessment of Fertilizer and Manure Application and Impacts in the Western Lake Erie Basin.” 4:20 PM

Friday, June 22, 2018
Session: The IJC’s Science Advisory Board Review of Current Priorities and Projects, Room AC223
Tad Slawecki, Co-Author/Co-Presenter. Emerging Great Lakes Threats and Stressors: the Need for an Early Warning System.” 10:20 AM

John Bratton, Co-Author/Presenter; Doug Bradley, Co-Author and Jennifer Daley, Co-Author. “Understanding Declining Offshore Productivity in the Great Lakes.” 11:20 AM

Session: Coastal Resilience, Room MW160
Dan Rucinski, Co-Author and Ed Verhamme, Co-Author. “Hydrodynamic Modeling to Assess Effectiveness of Shoreline Restoration in Sandusky Bay.” 2:40 PM

Come out and see us at IAGLR 2018! Sit in on sessions we are moderating, view our presentations, and look for us afterward. We would love to talk to you about the innovative water science and engineering work we are doing to improve and maintain water quality in the Great Lakes.

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