Chelsie Boles, EITEnvironmental Engineer

Chelsie Boles, EIT, joined LimnoTech in March 2014 as an Environmental Engineer. She completed her Master of Science degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University in December 2013. Since joining LimnoTech, her project work has consisted of supporting and executing watershed modeling using tools such as SWAT and HSPF, supporting watershed model reviews, data analysis, literature review management, and assisting in water stewardship calculations. Chelsie is proficient in all aspects of SWAT model usage, including data gathering and processing, GIS-related model setup, model calibration, and application of modeling results. Chelsie has specialized experience using SWAT at the field scale and utilizing tools such as R and Matlab.

Chelsie works at LimnoTech’s Corporate Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tel: 734-332-1200

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