Michelle Platz, PHDEnvironmental Engineer

Michelle Platz, PhD, joined LimnoTech in September 2022 as an Environmental Engineer. Michelle specializes in aquatic ecosystem restoration and characterizing habitat-level impacts of restoration interventions. Michelle completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. She then completed a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida, where she studied the degradation and restoration of the Florida Reef Tract. As part of her research, Michelle tested in-situ monitoring methods to evaluate post-restoration shifts in ecosystem metabolism and investigated barriers to restoration monitoring from both the social and ecological perspectives.

Michelle previously worked as a subcontracted engineer in support of the NOAA Restoration Center, where she helped develop and implement a ridge-to-reef monitoring and evaluation framework to evaluate land-based sources of pollution management on the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. Michelle has previous research experience in low-impact developments, green infrastructure, and agricultural influences on methane ebullition from reservoirs throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Michelle works at LimnoTech’s Corporate Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tel: 734-332-1200

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