Pranesh Selvendiran, PHDSenior Environmental Engineer

Pranesh Selvendiran, PHD, is a Senior Environmental Engineer at LimnoTech. He has more than 13 years of experience. Pranesh’s principal areas of expertise include water footprinting and risk assessments, development of watershed and hydrologic models, development and applications of water benefit methodologies, CDP water disclosure and reporting, evaluation of fate and transport (mercury, nutrients, and sediments), conceptual design for web-based tool development, and project management. He supports LimnoTech’s water sustainability consulting services, helping clients assess and improve water management and develop strategies to minimize water quantity and quality impacts and risks. He has led and supported water risk assessments for several global companies and evaluated the water benefits of numerous water stewardship projects implemented around the world by numerous global corporations. He has extensive experience with risk assessment tools, data analysis and interpretation, and developing technical reports. Pranesh actively supports corporate water stewardship projects for a variety of clients and is an accredited consultant for the AWS Water Stewardship.

Pranesh is also involved in research related to the environmental impacts of mercury contamination. His work includes several multi-disciplinary studies and has resulted in peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals. Pranesh received his doctorate in Civil Engineering from Syracuse University. Pranesh works at LimnoTech’s Corporate Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tel: 734-332-1200

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