Steve CaseySenior Scientist

Steve Casey, PE, is an Environmental Engineer and joined LimnoTech in 2019. He has over 40 years of experience working for EGLE.  His current work focuses on historic mine tailings contamination and NPDES permitting issues.  With EGLE he oversaw compliance with NPDES, soil erosion, and wetlands permits, coordinated all aspects of complex mining permitting, oversaw the restoration of streams contaminated by historic mine tailings, led the restoration efforts for water bodies contaminated by mercury and selenium, and developed water quality models.  Steve directed EGLE’s oversight of resource restoration and public health protection after the 2003 Dead River and 2018 Houghton Flood events.  Steve has a BSE from  Wayne State University and an MSE from the University of Michigan.  Steve works at one of LimnoTech’s other staff locations in Marquette, Michigan.

Tel: 906-458-1372

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