Alliance For Water Stewardship Training

AWS Standard V2.0 – A framework for identifying and mitigating water-related risks

January 15-16, 2020 | Washington, DC


As leaders in the evolving space of corporate water stewardship, LimnoTech is offering two (2) days of water stewardship training for organizations looking to initiate, develop, expand and share their water stewardship journey.

A primary focus of the training will be implementation of water stewardship through the newly released version 2.0 of the AWS Standard framework. The AWS Standard is a voluntary, continual improvement framework that enables water users to commit to understand, plan, implement, evaluate, and communicate water stewardship actions within their site and watershed. The AWS Standard leads sites to engage in meaningful individual and collective actions that benefit people and nature. Through development of a water stewardship plan, a site sets targets and implements responsible practices that mitigate water risks, improve efficiency, and address shared water challenges.

Additional components of the training will include examination of the business case for water stewardship, risk drivers and response options, tools to support action, and case studies from a diverse set of sectors.

Training Format. The training program is tailored to the information, criteria and indicators found in AWS Standard v2.0. Each day is comprised of face-to-face training using online materials and other documents that are emailed to participants in advance. Participant engagement is an important component of the program through small group exercises and case studies.

Cost and Registration. The cost for each single day of training is $520. This includes course material, lunch, refreshments and a networking reception on Wednesday evening (January 15). Travel and accommodation costs are not included. The last day to register for training is January 7.

AWS Professional Credentialing Program. AWS is developing a new Professional Credentialing program to assure the delivery of the essential core competencies for advocating for water stewardship best practices aligned with AWS, implementing the AWS Standard, and preparing and certifying sites to the AWS Standard. The credentials have been structured to reflect awareness, practical knowledge and three disciplines of professional practice as reflected in the three levels (days) of training that AWS currently offers (this training offers Level 1 and Level 2). Successful completion of any level of AWS Training will result in a Foundation (Day 1) or Advanced (Day 1 and Day 2) credential for individuals to reference as part of the AWS Professional Credentialing program.

Day 1: Foundations of Water Stewardship

January 15: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

This one-day course is the first level of a modular program for individuals interested in water stewardship and potentially applying the AWS water stewardship system. The Foundations of Water Stewardship course will enable participants to:

  • Understand how water stewardship can contribute to their organization’s goals;
  • Gain a thorough overview of available tools to support the application of water stewardship; and
  • Understand the fundamentals of the AWS Standard framework and the core requirements for implementation.

Who should attend? The course is relevant to a broad audience of sustainability professionals, water users (agricultural, industrial and commercial), municipalities, the water and wastewater industry, watershed groups and water policy makers.

LimnoTech will host an evening networking reception for training participants.

Day 2: Advanced Training in the AWS Standard

January 16: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

This one-day course is the second level of a modular program for users of the AWS water stewardship system. The Advanced Training course will enable participants to:

  • Achieve a deeper knowledge of the Standard’s criteria and indicators and how they are applied at a site, within supply chains and at the watershed level;
  • Build confidence in working with the Standard through experience with the application of criteria and indicators and group exercises to raise and resolve questions and ambiguities; and
  • Integrate the AWS Standard into environmental management systems already in use while ensuring alignment at the site with external water initiatives like “integrated water resources management.”

Who should attend? The course is tailored for people who will be implementing the AWS Standard in their operations either internally or with external consulting support. The Day 1: Foundations of Water Stewardship course is a prerequisite for undertaking this course.

Venue and Logistics

Training Location:

LimnoTech, 1015 18th St NW, Washington, DC, 20036

For More Information

Please contact Laura Weintraub at 734-332-1200 or

LimnoTech is accredited as AWS Standard consultants and trainers (one of the few in the U.S.). We support companies seeking to mitigate water risks, address shared water challenges, and ensure that responsible water stewardship actions are implemented and recognized. We are currently working with clients to apply the AWS Standard.

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