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Tim Dekker Shares How Partnering with Academia Leads to Innovation in Tugboat Institute Article

May 21, 2024

LimnoTech’s CEO and President Tim Dekker collaborated with the Tugboat Institute on an Evergreen Journal article where he discusses how partnering with academia has allowed LimnoTech to stretch, grow, and do meaningful work. In the article, Tim shares, “One thing that has been a little unique at LimnoTech throughout is the way we innovate through longstanding, purposeful partnerships with academia.” This sentiment has been a guidepost for LimnoTech from our beginning in 1975 to the present day and also reflects three of LimnoTech’s core values, ‘Act through Partnership,’ ‘Commit to the Long-Term,’ and ‘Lead through Innovation.’

Tim also highlights how these partnerships and opportunities for collaboration have helped LimnoTech embrace multidisciplinary thinking, learn about different perspectives, foster strong relationships, and expand our network. Tim notes that the benefits also go both ways, with our academic partners seeing a way to expand their reach and a path for transforming their research into tangible impacts from these collaborative efforts. You can read Tim’s full article, Partnering with Academia, in the Evergreen Journal.

If you have a partnering opportunity you would like to discuss, you can contact Tim at tdekker@limno.com.

Timothy Dekker, PhD, PE, is the President and CEO of LimnoTech. Tim is an Environmental and Water Resources Engineer with expertise in urban stormwater management and urban waterfront remediation and restoration. Tim has led scientific studies and technical projects in both natural and urban water systems throughout North America, describing the dynamics of surface water, sediments, and groundwater systems, assessing and mitigating the effects of urban flooding, and developing urban stormwater and CSO control strategies. Tim has contributed to many successful national design competitions and projects focusing on restoring and revitalizing urban waterfronts. He actively works around the United States and Canada to advance the science and practice of urban water management. Tim has served as a lecturer and adjunct professor of environmental engineering at the University of Michigan and is a regular lecturer at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

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