January 26, 2018

We are excited to announce the promotion of Tim Dekker to President of LimnoTech. Tim is an exceptional, respected, and visionary leader who is deeply committed to solving the most challenging and complex water environment problems our clients face.

Tim, formerly a Vice President in our Ann Arbor office, will be providing continued leadership and direction of the firm while working closely with Paul Freedman, our founder, who will continue as Chief Executive Officer. Tim is an environmental and water resources engineer who has been with LimnoTech for over 18 years. His expertise covers all aspects of river, lake and estuary remediation, restoration and management. Tim has led and provided invaluable contributions to projects across all of our service areas. Tim’s experience and perspective allow him to understand and serve a broad cross-section of our clients and teaming partners across the industry.

Tim is well-known and sought after for his imaginative, inventive, and enterprising approaches for solving water issues related to redevelopment and the broader goal of vibrant and resilient modern cities. He has contributed to many successful national design competitions and projects focused on the restoration and revitalization of urban waterfronts, and actively works around the United States and Canada to advance the science and practice of urban river restoration. Tim has also served as a lecturer and adjunct professor of environmental engineering at the University of Michigan, and is a regular lecturer at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Tim’s creativity, intelligence, optimism, integrity, and energy are unmatched and underpin what he has been able to do for our clients, partners, and LimnoTech. In looking towards the future, Tim is focused on broadening and diversifying LimnoTech’s services, while also moving us forward in developing new technologies and capabilities for a better, cleaner water environment.

We are thrilled and honored to have Tim as our President as we continue to work with our clients to create an environment with clean water and healthy ecosystems. To learn more about LimnoTech or how Tim’s work can help you solve your water environment challenges, please contact us.

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