John M. Nestler, PHDSenior Scientist

Dr. John M. Nestler’s research interests focus on coupling tools used by engineers with tools used by ecologists into a single, seamless system for simulation of complex aquatic environments. He has led large, interdisciplinary teams dedicated to understanding, simulating, and forecasting the effects of Corps of Engineers projects on environmental quality with contributions to environmental flow methods, hydrologic methods to predict cumulative impact on wetlands, and techniques to predict effects of turbine passage on fishes. John has led the coupling of fish movement and population models to engineering water quality and CFD models, and developed tools to allow engineering models to support simulation of higher-trophic level organisms such as fish and shellfish. He is active in issues involving coastal and river environmental sustainability, coastal and river large-scale ecosystem restoration, fish passage, fish movement analysis and forecasting, advanced habitat modeling methods, and Eulerian-Lagrangian-agent modeling methods. John works at one of LimnoTech’s other staff locations in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Tel: 601-634-2720

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