Honna SteissbergSocial Scientist

Honna is a Social Scientist and Technical Writer stationed in Davis, California, at the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Engineer Research Development Center, Environmental Laboratory (ERDC-EL). In her studies and work, Honna has focused on the individual and society in the context of the environment, considering mental health, public health, and social justice. Her studies have included the following areas: environmental and demographic themes in Europe, nature and mental health, psychosocial factors contributing to disease transmission and risk assessment, chemical, and behavioral dependencies, climate change, human physical and mental health, and effective communication of ecosystem benefits as they contribute to the valuation of nature-based solutions to environmental problems.

Honna enjoys the analysis of complex societal dilemmas and seeks to protect and improve the ecological and sociological environment through problem-solving, real-world economics, and practical and empathetic communication. Honna holds a Master of Social Work degree and a BA in Germanics, Journalism, and Literature. Having completed graduate coursework in German and German teaching, Honna also conducts a community-based German class for adults.

Honna looks forward to expanded application of her interest in environmental justice, ecology and public health, and technical and solutions-focused communication, working with scientists and engineers to produce professional documentation, including technical reports, proposals, marketing materials, and presentations for a range of audiences.

Recent activities at LimnoTech include the following: Engineering with Nature Knowledge Series Webinar Coordination, FRESCO Help section editing, Environmental Justice research, metrics and implementation, and project profile crafting for LimnoTech’s promotional material portfolio.

Honna is currently pursuing continuing education in Native American culture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge and looks forward to developing expertise in these areas as they impact environmental understanding, communication, and consideration of the connections between native tribes and the natural world, including vital links to particular animals, plant species, geographical areas, and habitats.

Honna works at one of LimnoTech’s other staff locations in Davis, California.

Tel: 734-332-1200

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